2016 Growing Season:  Canning and Freezing - see below for lists.

Much of what I make is made from recipes that I have collected in this ebook.  Check it out!
A Simple Jar of Jam: 180+ recipes & variations for jam using low sugar pectin

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Some of my other favorite canning books and products:

To learn about canning food safely, start with one of these.  The Ball Blue Book is a beginner's guide with all the basics and some great recipes.     The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving takes you the rest of the way.    Excellent resources. 

Here are more great books with great recipes and great products for canning.  

The best website on canning: National Center for Home Preservation [USA]

Here is a list of the things I'm putting away this year.  You can find these recipes by doing a search of the blog.  Use the search bar near the top of the sidebar.  

2016 Canning and Freezing

  • Maple Syrup:   8 pts
  • Strawberries - 2 flats [4 gallons] Reeves in Worthingon/Freedom: frozen
  • Sugar Snap peas - planted 6 rows:  17 quarts frozen
  • Rhubarb:  8 cups chopped and frozen
  • Blueberries - 40 lbs: 16 bags frozen + a few pies
  • Peaches - 2 bushels:  29 quarts canned in water, 3 gallons chopped + a few pies
  • Mixed berry jam - 1 batch
  • Spaghetti Sauce - 18 quarts finished  [2 boxes of Reeves canning tomatoes, [25 lbs each] + 8 big yellow squash, 6 onions, a head of garlic, a whole lot of dried herbs, etc.]
  • Elderberry Jelly: 3 1/2 pints.  [10 cups berries off the stems + 4 cups water.   Boil and strain [5.5 cups juice].  5 Tablespoons Dutch Jell All Natural Lite,  1 cup honey + 1 cup sugar.] 
  • Elaeagnus Raspberry Jam:  [Autumn Olive].   4 batches = 14 pints.  [5+ Quarts autumn olives, cooked in water to cover and then sieved = 3.5 quarts pulp.   ~ 4 cups pulp + 3 cups raspberries, 4 T lite pectin and  ~ 3 cups sugar.]

  •  Mustard: 3 cups.   [2 C mustard powder, 2 C vinegar, 3 T sea salt, 1 T brown mustard seed].  Put a lid on.  Leave out to mellow 6 months.
  • Chicken rub:  1 large batch
  • White Peach Raspberry Jam:  3 batches.  11 pints total
  • Fig Jam: 2 pints  [3 cups figs, 1 cup honey, 2 T lemon juice, 1 cup chopped walnuts]

To Make: 
  • Barbecue Sauce:  Multiply the recipe by 5 for 8 pints.  [Little jars for gifts!] 

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