Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seeds -Vegetable

Seed buying is my favorite part of gardening season.  All that anticipation and potential, no failures.  Until the ground thaws, all those seeds have to do to succeed is just stay in that cute little packet.   All I have to do to succeed is let them.    I can do that.

This is my favorite seed company:  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Their catalogs are full of descriptions that make my mouth water and which make for great reading-aloud while my husband fixes dinner.  They make me want to try new things.  And we have!   Last year we discovered how wonderful Dragon Tongue beans and Purple Okra are. This year, we're going to try growing our own tomatoes and onions from seed. [I'm terrified.]  We're also going to try zucchini rampicante and a couple of new melons.  I spent an obnoxious amount of money on seed this year, but I am confident that I'll more than make up for it in great food.

What are you going to plant this year?

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