Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tunisian Crochet Trap Wrap

A new pattern!   Just for you!

This is a simple wrap worked up in the shape of a trapezoid, with the long side of the trapezoid on the top so you that you have a lot of wonderful collar and clasp possibilities.

The armholes are worked in asymmetrically, so that one of the front sides is wider than the other.  

The wrap is worked from side to side and it's a great way to use the Tunisian Simple Stitch on something that is not an afghan. 

In this view the narrow side is on top with a wrap on her left shoulder.

And in this view the wide side is up and the clasp is on her right shoulder.

You can decide before you start which side you want to be narrow and which side you want to be wide.    Just pay attention to the directions.

Size:  Small
Yarn: 1800 yds [8 oz] Luna Silk, $35,  Robin J. Edmundson
Hook: Tunisian hook [afghan hook] H/8
Stitches:  Tunisian Simple Stitch, Foundation Chain [a la Doris Chan], Chain

24 inches long from top to bottom.   41 inches wide at the top, 31 inches wide at the bottom. 

The tunisian crochet gives the wrap a nice drape.  Even the back looks great.

The pattern is for a size small.  I used a whole skein for this size so if you want to do a bigger on, plan on two skeins. 

The pattern is free!   Just email me [robin at morenna dot com] if you want one.

UPDATE: 7/1/2013   This pattern is for sale on Etsy,  $1.00.

Happy crocheting, Everyone!
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