Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poop Quiz

Warning:  This is serious poop.  It's not dainty little rabbit poop.   It's big poop.

From something pretty big. 

Which eats really interesting things.

And which pooped so neatly right on top of a sycamore leaf.   Huh.   I'm doubting that it did it on purpose. 


Anyway,  here it is.  This is a big sycamore leaf.   Big poop.
Notice the seeds.   Those are persimmon seeds.   This animal eats persimmons.  

Persimmons are good.   Sweet.  They fall on the ground and are easy to browse one.   The deer love them.   Racoons love them.   This critter loves them.  

Notice the hairs.   They're short, stiff hairs.   A bit stiffer than rabbit hairs.  I'm guessing deer hair.   This critter eats deer. 

Notice how dry it is.  It's from a steady diet of wild stuff.  No dog or cat food. 

It's big poop.   Like big dog poop.  Way too big for raccoon.  Too dry for dog.  It's gotta be coyote or wild dog.   

I'm guessing coyote.   We hear them around here - the lunatic yipping and howling.   It's creepy.   

Mostly they stay away from the houses.   Our Tibby keeps them away and we almost never even see them here, but we see them as we're driving to town now and then.   

But we know they're around, all the time.   This poop was at the edge of our road.   Just out of sight of the house where Tibby regularly patrols.   

There are so many deer around here that the coyote population is well fed.    The coyotes keep the deer population down, which helps our gardens.   As long as I don't have to see the coyotes, I'm not going to fuss, but the minute they start hanging around here in plain sight, they're toast. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, but this kind of scares me. We have deer living in our neighborhood, just a few blocks from downtown Bloomington. I sure don't want to find any predator poop in my yard!

  2. My dogs like to eat persimmons too, They LOVE them!

  3. Our crazy dog, when she was alive, tried to go after coyotes (all 40 pounds of her). She also killed possums. I'm glad she never tried to tackle a raccoon though.

    Loved the poop quiz! We often look for poop on our hikes and try to identify the critter it came from.


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