Friday, February 3, 2012

Tapping Time

The winter has been mild and we're tapping early this year.    My goal is to collect 20 gallons off the two trees that we're tapping.    That'll give us 1/2 gallon of syrup.  Enough for pancakes and waffles and jam and more jam and soup

Mmmmm.   I can't wait.

See this post for a look at how we tap.


  1. Coolest thing ever. No buckets anymore, huh? That looks like a lot of sap. Is it? Maybe it would boil down to a teaspoon? You're amazing, woman.

    PS - I like the blog's new look.

  2. No cute little buckets. These bags will hold 3 gallons. Every day we empty them into big 5 gallon buckets. So far we have 5 gallons. Should be perfect weather for it next week. You want freezing at night and above freezing all day.

  3. What do you do once you've collected your desired 20 gallons of sap? Do you just pull the plug and let the tree ooze?--We made our first maple syrup last year from tree a friend was tapping. Our taps just arrived in the mail today and I'll be getting them in the trees in the next few days.

  4. Hi Jessica! We just pull the taps. It weeps for a little while, then forms a plug at the surface and stops.


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