Monday, May 14, 2012


I grew kale this year.   Actually, I planted it in the cold frame in October so we would have kale during the winter.  

It stayed 4 inches high.   Both types - the short stuff and the tall stuff. 

This could have something to do with the fact that I planted  a  LOT of seed and didn't thin it. 

In February, I thinned it out and planted it in the garden.  It loved the cool weather.   It hates the hot weather.  

What a prima donna  [How do you spell that!?]   It faints over 75 degrees.


When I buy kale at the store, it's leathery and sometimes pretty tough.    This homegrown stuff is so not leathery or tough.  It cooks like a dream - quickly, like a manly spinach.   I love it sauteed with butter or olive oil and lots of garlic.   

This is definitely a keeper.   We're going to plant this again in the fall and in the winter cold frame.
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