Monday, May 14, 2012


I grew kale this year.   Actually, I planted it in the cold frame in October so we would have kale during the winter.  

It stayed 4 inches high.   Both types - the short stuff and the tall stuff. 

This could have something to do with the fact that I planted  a  LOT of seed and didn't thin it. 

In February, I thinned it out and planted it in the garden.  It loved the cool weather.   It hates the hot weather.  

What a prima donna  [How do you spell that!?]   It faints over 75 degrees.


When I buy kale at the store, it's leathery and sometimes pretty tough.    This homegrown stuff is so not leathery or tough.  It cooks like a dream - quickly, like a manly spinach.   I love it sauteed with butter or olive oil and lots of garlic.   

This is definitely a keeper.   We're going to plant this again in the fall and in the winter cold frame.

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  1. What variety is that kale? We grow Russian Red, Lacinato (Dinosaur), and Winterbor (curly leaf) and they seem to hold us during the hot weather. They're not as tasty as in the spring and fall though. And they self-seed, which is another great thing!


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