Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two Yellow Summer Squash

I planted two yellow summer squashes this year.   Pattypan Golden Marbre Scallop  and Lemon Squash. 

Got all the seeds from Baker Creek - who should totally put me on the payroll because I advertise them so much.

These are hardy plants - both of them.  They do well even in the heat and they're reasonably squash bug resistant. 

The pattypans will get as big as your hand if you let them, but I like them a bit smaller than that.   They have a nice firm flesh and great taste.

The Lemon Squash look like lemons.   They do not taste like lemons.   They're a bit smaller than the pattypan, but the same sort of texture and flavor.

We usually get too many yellow squash to eat right away, so I cut them up and can them with tomatoes.  We call it tomasqua and use it as sauce and soup base.   It's delicious and more interesting than plain tomatoes.  

Here are pics of how they grow on the plant.

Here's the pattypan.

Here's the lemon.


  1. Yes! You should definitely see if they want to place an ad on your blog that you get commissions for. :) I'd be more likely to buy from them through your link.

    We loooove patty pans. Have never grown lemon squash before. One year B picked lemon cukes...ick. None of us liked those. :}

  2. I love patty pans. My kids eat them simply because of their unique shape. Never tried a lemon squash. But I saw a picture of pickled lemons the other day. Whole. Very funky. But then you pickle lemons, don't you? Wow. I'm way off topic here.

    Lovely pics, as usual.


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