Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winter Squash

Here is a selection of the winter squash I grew this year.    It's a wild and crazy bunch and there are still a few in the garden growing.    The Greek Sweet Red just won't slow down.   I have two more in the bed that keep getting bigger and bigger. alongside a few more Omaha pumpkins and another small golden hubbard.

This is what I can definitely say about winter squash.   They love the bees and they love a lot of chicken dirt.   This is the best year for winter squash that I've ever had. 

Here's what I grew:  
  • The three screaming orange ones are Golden Hubbard
  • Two tall on the far right and one tall on the far left are Greek Sweet Red
  • Three skinny beige in the back and one on its side in the front are volunteer butternut.
  • The big fluted blue grey thing on the left is a  Queensland Blue.  I only got the one.
  • The shorter greenish warty pumpkiny things at the back are volunteers.
  • The two yellow pumpkins at the right are supposed to be Omaha pumpkins, but that's not what they looked like last year.    
  • The tiny white pumpkins are volunteers
  • The single white pumpkin in front is a volunteer.   Very susceptible to rot.   That's the only one that didn't succumb.
 I'll be showing you close ups and giving some details of each kind in the next few days.  
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