Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walking Stick

Once in a great while one of these shows up here.

It's a walking stick.   [Of the family Phasmatodea].

I saw this one on our steps where it was easy to see and I kept my eye on it until someone could bring the camera.  Otherwise, I'd never have been able to see it in the grass.  

This one was about six inches long.  


  1. I grew up partially in Southern Alabama and in Orlando, Florida. These were famous with us kids, as we grew up calling them " Devil's Walking Stick",and " Spit Devils". We were told that if you get too close it would spit tobacco in your eyes and you would always be blind!!!!LOL
    Old wives' tales are always facinating to children, but one has to wonder how in the world all those "old wives" had time to make up so many myths??? I love your blog! Dyan Taylor

    1. Hi Dyan! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

      I'm with you - wondering where on earth those stories came from. Ewww.


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