Monday, October 29, 2012

Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Over the next few months, I'll be showing you a bunch of things you can do with a jar of jam.   Or glaze.   Or chutney.   Or whatever.

This is an easy recipe for sweet potatoes using the Apple Thyme Sage glaze that I showed you how to make a couple of weeks ago, that even my picky eater liked. 

All you do is peel your sweet potatoes and slice them into rounds.  Spray an oven safe dish and put the sweet potatoes in it.   Pour the glaze on them and stir them up.  Bake and serve.

I cooked these covered at 350 for an hour.   Divine!   

Eric cooks them at 425 covered for a half hour, then uncovers them until they're crispy on the edges.   Divine, divine, divine!

If you use the thicker glaze, like what I showed you in the recipe for Apple Rosemary Mint glaze, then just mix a big spoonful of the jam with a roughly equal amount of water.   It will have clumps.  Ignore them.   Pour over the potatoes and bake.  


  1. There's not wrong way to cook a sweet potato!

  2. Oh my those look and sound delicious. I like the idea of crispy edges. Crispy edges on root veg are the best best best. I'm coming for dinner, I tell you!


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