Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cold Frame Updates

The cold frames are doing great!  It's hard to get excited about cold frames at first.  They're slow.   For ages, it just looks like more dirt, only covered.   In May, things leap out of the ground.   In November, things creep out of the ground.   That's OK - I'm slower in November, too. 

In cold frame 1,  I have fennel, radishes, cilantro and arugula.  I can't believe how well the fennel is doing.   I should have radishes by Christmas.  I was careful this year not to crowd the seeds.    Last year I had loads of radish greens, but they were too crowded to form radishes.   Thinning the rows when it's 24 degrees outside is not my idea of a good time, so this year I was careful to space the seeds appropriately.   I hope. 

In cold frame 2, which I planted a couple of weeks later, I have a lot of salad greens, plus more radishes and maybe some leeks.   [I planted the leeks directly from seed and I've been reading that they prefer to be sown and babied, then transplanted.   We'll see.]

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  1. Woohoo! Looks great. I don't like radishes much, so hubby doesn't grow them often. He does start leeks inside and transplant them, but hopefully yours will grow regardless. We pretty much only eat kale in the winter months; that stuff is seriously cold-hardy. ;)


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