Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Pollen

The bulbs are starting to bloom in a big way now and the bees are starting to get out and about.  

The bees found the scilla and started collecting the blue pollen.  

You can see the gray blue pollen basket on this one's leg.

Bees only gather one type of pollen at a time.  They take it back to the hive and store it to feed to the brood [larvae] throughout the year.  


  1. I am definitely jealous. Wish I had blue pollen.

    Very neat picture!

  2. So neat! I still don't understand how the pollen becomes honey though! Can you explain?

  3. Bees use pollen to feed the larvae. They don't make honey with it. Honey is made from nectar, which they also gather from flowers. They fan the nectar down to evaporate the water out of it until it becomes honey.


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