Thursday, March 14, 2013

Winter Gourds

Remember those weird warty stripey squash that I grew last year?   They grew up to be tan?   And then they were inedible.

So, I suspected they might be gourds.

And to test my theory, I left them outside on the patio table all winter long.

Do you know what happens to gourds when you leave them over winter?   They get nasty and moldy and eeww - but that's normal because then they get a hard shell that you can cut into to make birdhouses or not cut into and make shakers.

It's what rurified people do on the weekends. 

So I wanted to see if my weird warty stripey inedible tan squash would act like gourds and do the winter moldy eeww thing and get hard shells.    Because then I would know that they were gourds.

So I left them out all winter and they did get moldy and eeww, with hard shells.

And now I know.    They were gourds.

I'll scrub them up a bit and see if they'll make good birdhouses.   That'd be totally cute.

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