Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jam Book Giveaway!

This is the Big Birthday Week and to celebrate, I'm giving away 3 copies of this terrific ebook all about making jam with low sugar pectin.

You might recognize it.  I wrote it myself!  [It's a really good book!]

It's a collection of the jam recipes [and marmalade recipes, and sauce recipes and marinade recipes and glaze recipes...] from the first couple of years of the blog.  Plus, there are sections on troubleshooting runny jam to firm it up, lists of high pectin and low pectin fruit, a whole section on why low-sugar pectin is my pectin of choice [including comparisons of different brands of pectin, etc.], and even a section on how to get that sugar burn off your nice Le Creuset pot.

It's an ebook - 7.7M interactive PDF file, which means you can click on stuff in the Table of Contents and Index and go right to that page in the book.   Handy!!   Plus, you can add your own bookmarks to make it even easier to zip around to your favorite recipes.

You can access the book in Adobe, iBook, and Kindle.  It works best in Adobe and iBook, so you can use it on your phone, or ipad, or laptop, or desktop computers. [Kindle lets you read PDFs, but they are not interactive.]

I know you'll want to look inside so take a look at the preview!  Check out that Table of Contents and then skim on over to the Tips list in the Index.    You need this book. 

To win a copy of A Simple Jar of Jam, leave a comment on the blog or facebook, or Google +, or Twitter telling me what your favorite kind of jam is. 

Giveaway ends at midnight EDT on Sunday, July 21, 2013.   Watch the blog next week to claim your prize.  I'll email you the file as soon as I get your email address.

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