Saturday, March 15, 2014

More Rural Redneck Poetry

And now for your reading pleasure - another rural haiku.

Because we love rural redneck poetry.

Plus haiku is dead easy.    Here's your creative challenge for the day:  Leave me a haiku in the comments.   No doubt you'll far outshine me.

*clears throat and waits for the room to quiet...*

Snow drops from the sky
With freezing rain, sleet and ice.
Still, arise snowdrops.

The end.  


  1. I love it! And gorgeous pictures. I can almost smell those snowdrops. Do they have a smell? If the do, I got it.

    Here's my offering. First ever haiku. :D

    Mountains full of snow
    Summer on the sunny ground
    This must be Utah

  2. Love the post! Randomly, last week we bought a haiku b'day card for a SIL. I mandated haiku greetings from all signers. Mine:

    Birthdays are victories
    And create haikus, based on

  3. I love this! Haiku never fail to delight me - like a prize in a box, you never know what might be inside.

  4. Here's mine, based on my true life this morning:

    Coffee spilled on my
    Keyboard. No more “H” or “I”
    Hard to write to friends

  5. Ann, I love this. And you made me laugh! Thanks!


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