Friday, March 21, 2014

Creamed Honey

We harvested some honey from our deadouts in January and tucked it away in the pantry.

Now it looks like this. 

This is creamed honey.  

All honey will eventually crystallize - especially when temps get below 55 degrees  or so.  Creamed honey happens when the honey crystallizes into tiny, tiny crystals instead of the big rock candy type crystals.    So, creamed honey is named for its looks, not its content.  There is no cream in creamed honey.

What probably happened was that the honey in the combs was just starting to crystalize from the cold winter temps.  Then we brought it in and warmed it up and mixed it up and it ended up creamed instead.

Happy accident!   This stuff is shelf stable and spreadable.    Much easier to keep on a spoon.   It will melt nicely when heated or mixed with liquid.  [See tomorrow's post]

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