Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Late December Bees

Here are the bees all skirted up for the winter.  I used leftover Typar from our many lumber deliveries lately.  And you can't see the plywood wind break on the right [north] side but that seems to have keep things a little more sheltered in that area this year.

Unfortunately,  the right hive has died already.   They weren't well in the fall and they quickly succumbed to the very cold spell we had in November and at the beginning of this month. 

The left hive is still OK.   Here is one chilly bee who came out one cloudy afternoon when it got up in the higher 40s. 

Here's hoping the hive lasts the winter.

If it doesn't, I'll be sad, but I'm covered.   I already ordered 2 packages [3 lbs each] from Kelly Bee for the spring.   I went with the unmarked Russian queens.   I've heard they're great and even lasted through last winter in this area. 
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