Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cold Frame Greens

I love my cold frames.    We have several and 2 are still going strong, full of greens.    This is the cold frame I made by putting an old glass door over the end of the sweet potato bed.   It took all of 3 minutes.

Then I planted radishes and arugula.    I heart arugula.  

 It's all very happy in there.

I put a big piece of plastic over it and tucked it in with bricks to keep the wind from blowing it off. 

Starting the middle of February, it'll be light enough to start planting our spring greens.   I'm kind of excited for buttercrunch lettuce and radishes. 


  1. Those greens look amazing! It's so nice to have fresh greens in the middle of winter.

  2. It makes winter so much more bearable when there are greens in the garden. Only 5 weeks until I can plant the spring greens!


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