Saturday, October 24, 2015

Claire's Door

This is Claire's door.   It used to be the original front door of the house.    That is the original rim lock and door handle and the original half mortise hinges.   They were in pretty rough shape so we cleaned them up and spray painted them plain black.

Look carefully.  This door is crooked on every side.

Every.  Single.  One.

Were they drunk??

It's got such a great story that we decided to just run with it.   When the final trim goes up some of the uneven-ness won't show so much.

The bigger issue is that this is a bedroom door with a big glass panel.   Claire is still deciding whether to go for a heavy curtain, paint, wood/metal insert, contact paper, or something else to cover it up.

I voted for a heavy curtain on the inside with the old fashioned gold and black lettering on the outside glass, like this:

Claire's not so big on the idea, but I love it.


  1. I love that idea too!

    Here I have a great big kitchen island. The strangely (ugly) shaped top was installed (with 30-40 long screws...) AFTER the fridge was put in the kitchen. With the result that the fridge... can no longer be taken out of the kitchen. And that top? It's covered in tile (great to roll pie dough...), had a tiny weeny useless sink (really, why? two feet away from the main double kitchen sink!), a wood board (cracked) and... it's not level. On any side. In any spot. Which doesn't matter much, because... when do you ever need to measure liquids in a kitchen, right? Sigh.

    I have nothing against drunk people (other than I'm pregnant and can't join them). But could they please stay away from power tools? And my HOME? :-)

    1. LOL! Yes. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that island. The good news is that when the fridge must go, you won't be so sad to see the island dismantled, right?

      So, for now, Claire has put a huge piece of drawing paper up inside the door window, where she arts quite happily. I don't think that's a permanent fix, but it's working for now.

    2. Right you are!

      And in our house, solutions that go through various phases usually end up being the best. So go Claire!

  2. Love the transoms, I have one over the front door of my flat.

    When I was a kid Mom and I found some glass paint that forms crystal-like lines as it dries, loooked really cool in spite of our limited art talents. has these, in beautiful, vivid colors but they are $8 per 8oz bottle, order direct from them. also has nice produts in smaller, less expensive bottles, like chalky, frosted or clear finish, and pens, but no crystalized. They have others, not specifically for glass, but should be fine. They are available at most of the big hobby stores.

    I know your supercreative family could have a blast with these, but one problem might be that the Louvre might want to buy the masterpieces, then you'd have to go find new crooked doors.

    Vieux bandit: I am reminded of the old saying "No man is an island, but some islands are mangled messes."

    1. Kitten! That quote is hilarious. And true!

      Thanks for the suggestions. I love them! Must try that crystalizing glass thing.

  3. Have you considered etching the window with the compound found at Hobby Lobby? Design the window then frame with curtain.


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