Saturday, April 30, 2016

American Bittern

This is an American Bittern.   We saw her at the edge of one of the back roads on Goose Pond SWR this week.  She posed quite nicely for me to snap a couple of pics.  

Mostly I was there to take pics of the marsh, but the place never disappoints.  It's a feast of sound and light and even on overcast days like this one, it's beautiful.    We're still trying to identify some distinctive bird songs we heard. [Edited:  Turns out it was a bunch of common snipe.  Spooky.] Spring is a great time to visit.

Here's another view of the bittern.

The marshes are beautiful this year.   Lots of water and lots of birds.  Everything is greening up fast.

We saw a lot of Canada geese and coots, a couple of northern shovelers [so pretty!], an otter, some blue winged teals and assorted lots of other birds we didn't take time to identify.
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