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The monthly note on Watercolor & Art includes behind-the-scenes looks at my work, current works-in-progress, first peeks at new work, invitations to exhibits, openings and private events, plus a calendar of events, fun art trivia and occasional postcards. GIFT FOR SIGNING UP: Watercolor Meditation series, delivered step by step to your in-box.

The periodic notes about Classes & Retreats will come to you as I add new opportunities to my calendar. Topics for the next year include color harmonies, color mixing bootcamp, dyeing cotton yarns, dyeing silks, using natural dyes, watercolor for relaxation and a Big Surprise Retreat for October 2018. You'll get all the details first!. [Interested in any other topics? Let me know!] GIFT FOR SIGNING UP: Watercolor Meditation series, delivered step by step to your in-box.

The monthly note on Hand-dyed Yarns includes featured yarn, tips for combining different colorways in a single project, stash buster projects, information on color, classes, dyes, fiber, occasional coupons, first peek at new items, colors, patterns, etc. GIFT FOR SIGNING UP: Two of my favorite shawl patterns.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so glad! You can never have too much yarn or too many pattern ideas!

  2. Hi Robin, I hope it is OK to subscribe to your newsletter since I am an artist.
    I will write you about your print method.




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