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For years, I posted daily on this blog about all things country.   There are well over 1500 posts.  You can use the search bar above to search for very specific topics or go to the pages below for lengthy discussions on the more general topics of Gardening, Canning and Jam-making.

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For a discussion of garden pests, 12 month gardening [in zone 5], a list of what's in my garden this year, and our basic month-by-month garden plan, go to this page:


I wrote a whole ebook on making jam.  Buy the book if you want a handy reference and all my recipes in one easy-to-get-to place.  [Seriously, the index in that book is the best thing ever!]

See this page:


I do a lot of canning every year.   I keep track of it all on this page.  You'll also find a list of great canning books, tools and resources:


I've been keeping bees since 2012. I love it! However, It is very difficult to keep bees alive these days since Varroa destructor were introduced in the 1970s.   Read about my experiences on this page:


Some other fun links!

Living in the Country

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