Monday, November 12, 2012


We're digging big holes so we can address some foundation issues.

'Issues' is another word for 'problems'.

Our foundation has big issues.

This means our foundation has big problems. 

Big.  Problems. 

Like no drainage.   So much moisture was being held in the clay soil around the foundation that after we dug out the foundation, the soil under the house started/continued leaching out.  

Moisture is a bad thing.

And don't you love these cracks?

Oh, wait.  Those aren't cracks.  That's where there's just no mortar between the blocks.


Then there's the footer.   The footer  should be 8-10 inches thick.  This footer is thick enough.

But it's not deep enough under ground.  It should be below the frost line.  Our frost line is 30 inches down.  


Then there's this little beauty.    A footer that's only 4 inches thick.    Sitting at 4 inches below the soil.

The surprise on the other side of this area of the house was that there was no footer at all.


Which is why we're fixing things.  

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