Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold Frame Greens Update

I planted greens in the cold frame in September, then left them alone until October - except to keep the cats out.   We covered it when we started getting regular frosts and I just opened it up to check on things last week.

Look!!   Greens!!   Big enough to eat!!

That's a lovely bed of arugula in this pic.  

And our bib lettuce is looking great, too.   Both types of greens do well in cool temps under cover.   The arugula stays nice and mild and the lettuce is very crisp.   

I also planted spinach [again] but apparently it doesn't like my sandy soil.   [I use a lot of sand to amend our solid clay.]   I got two whole plants out of the 4 little rows I planted.   I'm giving up spinach for a while and focusing on what does grow. 

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