Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Door Where Once There Wasn't

Lest you thought we had stopped all work on the house, I am here to reassure you that not a single picture frame in this house is level due to the continuous sawing and pounding happening still.

Seriously.   Not one stinking picture frame stays level for more than a day.   I'd blame it on the traffic, but...there is no traffic here.

Actually, there was a traffic jam once, a long time ago.  In the winter.   When, within a few minutes of each other, the gas truck and the school bus both went off the road on the hill just past us.  It stopped traffic for hours.  People still talk about it and it's been like 30 years ago.

At any rate, one of our current house projects is the moving of some doorways for...reasons.   Briefly:  We had to cut a new door from the area outside the bathroom to the living room, which used to be our bedroom so we could seal up the old door from the little hall in front of the basement stairs to the living room [which used to be our bedroom].  We'll be putting structural stuff in that hallway [that's the short version.]  Then we [and by 'we' I hope you know I mean Eric] sealed up the door that used to go from the the bedroom/livingroom to the hallway outside the basement stairs and sealed up the door that used to go from the little hallway in front of the basement stairs into the dining room, so we could move my desk in front of there so we could cut a big door where the pass-through used to be from the hallway in front of the up stairs and front door into the dining room.

I know.   It's ridiculously confusing.   The girls will be home in a little while and they'll probably get lost trying to get from the hallway into the living room.   At any rate, we can get to every room and we can also get outside.

There have been a few surprises as Eric cut into the walls - there always are with this place.   We found an old doorway in one of the walls where no doorway had any business being and for the life of us we can't figure out why it was there.  Maybe that's why they boarded it up?   We also found an electric line that had no business being there.   Not to worry, it was discovered and moved without incident.

And not coming back.
There is less dust behind the desk because we moved it and everything on and around it and the law is that if it's moved, it is cleaned, but there is more dust on the desk because sawing.   As soon as I'm done with this post, I'll be dusting.  Again.

By far the most exciting part was when Eric was taking off the last little bit in the middle left there [see last pic] and everything on the walls and desk started dancing right off whatever surface they were on.  Never a dull moment here.

The pics are of the new doorway where the old pass-through used to be just inside the front door.   Pretty nifty.

In case you were wondering, these are not where the doors will be going in the end.  They're just temporary solutions until we get more other stuff done and the old structure ripped out completely.

Also, sawzalls are the Best. Things. Ever.

I'm going to go dust now.


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