Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm

Don't know how long we'll have power.   I took these first thing Tuesday morning and scheduled the post for this morning. 


  1. Wow. Amazing photos. The last one looks like a diamond necklace. Gorgeous eye, Mrs. Artist.

  2. Oh, my freaking love these pics, yep, you got another freaking out of me. Love this blog

  3. Yay! Power back on! I was hoping to take more pics but the wind blew so hard and long last night that it actually Dried Up The Ice. bummer. I do have say that it was wild to stand outside and listen to trees pop and crash just after dark last night. 40 mph winds. We get lots of storms here in the summer, and this weather system felt just like that - a general lifting of the air - but it was weird with all that ice and cold. The wind through the icy trees sounded kinda like the wind through the leaves - only not. They had reports of snow lightening near by. I'm going to have to read up on that.


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