Thursday, February 10, 2011

Indiana Art Fair

We're getting ready to go to the Indiana State Museum for the 8th annual Indiana Art Fair, Feb 18-20.  

This is the best place to check out the latest art of all kinds from some of the best artists in Indiana.   We'll be there in booth 1-12 selling weaving, soap sets, and painted silk.

Hand-dyed, handwoven silk scarves with bamboo supplemental weft.  $100

Hand dyed, hand made silk bags with bead embellishments.   $55
Hand painted silks.  $10 - $65

1 comment:

  1. You are selling the silk scarves with the bamboo supplemental wefts for only $100.00?? They are too beautiful..if only I had room in this teeny tiny house for something like day I will!! Wow Robin, you continually amaze me. You will be there through Sunday till what time? I am going to see if we can drive down to the art fair, I would love to see all the displays, but especially yours!!


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