Monday, March 14, 2011

Life...and otherwise

I didn't post about how we weathered the ice storm last month because quite honestly I was a highly functioning anxious wreck during the whole thing.   And I hated admitting that to you.  But there it is.   The stuff going on in Japan reinforced all that anxiety about how frail life is and how no matter how OCD I am about preparing for the worst - and believe me, I really prepare - sometimes earthquakes happen, tsunamis sweep your town and family away, children die.   

I hate it. 

Unfortunately my hating it didn't make it go away. 


So I went to the studio and tackled a custom dye job that I'd been fretting over.  Focus helps me not worry.   To reward myself for finishing that job, and staying away from Japan on the internet,  I took some pictures of the dyeing. 

It's all irrelevant in the eternal scheme of things.   I know that.   But it made me feel better yesterday.

Here's my favorite photo from the day.

My favorite part of dyeing is the jars at the end of the day.

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