Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guess that bird...

We need your input on this one.   We caught sight of this guy last week in the woods.    He was wagging his tail back and forth in a V - we figured it was a male and he was displaying for some female we couldn't see.    

What do you think he is?  

Notable features are the long white eyebrow and the striped breast.   It looks like he's got some color on his rear, too.  Pink feet, medium length tail.   

Guesses?    Our is below the fold.
We think he's a northern water thrush, seiurus noveboracensis or a Louisiana waterthrush, seiurus motacilla

I'm leaning toward the Louisiana version because the eyebrow goes up toward the top of the head.   


  1. We concur with the Louisiana waterthrush guess. :) It's the right range too.

  2. Your bird posts are my fave-Next to that is the animals :) I come here and i am in such a relaxful state. LOVE your work.


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