Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mistress of Her Domain

One day not long after Tibby came to us, we heard ferocious noises coming from the creek.    She was barking, snarling and yelping.    It sounded like she was fighting something particularly nasty and that the fight had moved into the water.    

When we heard all the noise we feared Tibby had found a water snake and commenced battle.  We have diamond back water snakes here and they are not polite, unlike our other snakes, which I love.   Water snakes are notoriously aggressive and they like to hang out in the creek...them bein' water snakes 'n' all.     We rushed to Tibby's aid.  

She was thrashing about in the water, making all sorts of noise, but since she'd muddied everything up, we couldn't see what she was after.    We saw that she was fine and we figured she must have let whatever it was go.  

Then it happened again.  

And again.  

Turns out, Tibby loves water. 

Really, really loves water.  

It's her favorite toy.    I'm not kidding.   This is Tibby's playground.

 She thrashes around and bites the water.

Then she bats it with her paws to make bubbles and foam.


Then she thrashes and bites the water again.  She spends a lot of time in the creek just playing.

Then she gets out and shakes all over us and looks really pleased with herself.  It won't take long til she's back in there fighting the bubbles.

She is mistress of her domain.  


  1. Your dog sounds and looks like an English Shepherd or at least an ES mix. I just got a puppy for my own farm and she loves to chase chickens too! I'm going to try your training technique.


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