Friday, April 8, 2011

Project: Crochet Ripple Shawl

I love shawls.   I love blue.   I love crochet.    This shawl is all three of those and I love it.  

Pretty, huh!    You need one of these.

It's fast and simple.   It took 4 skeins of Fine Cotton Boucle [ 300 yds/skein, $10].  I'll have a lot of it in a lot of colors at the Fiber Event at Greencastle on April 15-16.    Here's the pattern:

Simple Chevron Crochet Shawl  
Robin J. Edmundson 
Hook size:  H
Yarn:  Fine Cotton Boucle, 4 skeins [1200 yds] by Robin J Edmundson []

The pattern is done in groups of 15 stitches, so you can easily make this wider or narrower by deciding how many chevrons you want across the piece.  The sample shawl is 6 chevrons wide, and took about 1100 yds of yarn, (3.5 skeins)] 

Each chevron is done in a 6-3-6 pattern with 2 skipped stitches between sections [chevrons].

Row 1: Chain multiple of 15 [+4 at the very end].  94 stitches. Turn.
Row 2:  *DC in 4th stitch from end.  DC in next 5 stitches [6 total]
          -DC 3 in next stitch [This will make a point at the top]
          -DC in next 6 stitches
          -Skip 2 stitches [This will make a point at the bottom]. 
          -Repeat the [6-3-6] pattern until end of row.  Skip 2 stitches between sections. 
          -Chain 2. Turn. 
Row 3:  Skip 1 stitch.  * DC in next 6 stitches.
          -DC 3 in next stitch [directly over center stitch of the point in the last row]
         -DC in next 6 stitches. [The last stitch of each section will be over the next to the last stitch of the section in the row below]
          -Skip 2 stitches. 
-Repeat from * until end of row. [You’ll begin each set of 15 stitches in the 2nd stitch of the set in the row below.]
-For the final stitch of each row, you won’t need to skip 2; Make sure you DC the 6th stitch in the space between the end 2 stitches of the row below.**
-Chain 2 and turn for next row.

Repeat Row 3 until your piece is done.  End at **.  Knot, cut and weave ends in.


  1. That is beYOOOtiful! How lovely.
    I know your instructions were in English and everything, but I got no idea what you said.
    Someday I'll learn to speak crochet and knitting.

    Cool post. :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I think I might even be able to tackle the instructions after your lesson. :) I don't wear shawls though, so if you ever make a set of instructions for a chevron tank top (to layer over a cotton tank top), I am SO there!

  3. Very nice. I am so tempted to try it but I've got to get a couple of other things completed first. Thank you for sharing! I love the pattern and the color!

  4. Teresa - a tank top is a great idea. I'll think about that....

  5. Stunning, I would so wear this. Make it? Not so much :) I adore it.


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