Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Studio tour

While the studio was clean last week for the Weekly Special taping, I thought it might be nice to record the cleanliness for posterity.    It's not likely to be that clean again for a long time. 

And while I was at it, I thought you might like to see the sanitized version of where I do my creating.

This is the studio.  Yes, those red doors are where the logo came from.   The center ones are taller.  They weren't supposed to be.  It's a long story.

Once you get inside, this is what you'll see.    Turn to your left.   No, the other left.
This is the southwest corner.    The big green cabinet was rescued by my dad from an office that was moving.   It used to be dark brown.   It's much happier green.   The stack of boxes next to it are full of yarn ready to sell.

This is the north east corner.
There's more of those boxes.   You can see my 8H Baby Wolf Loom - with a tencel warp on it.   More about it later.   Against the wall are shelves full of books, parts, and scrapbooking stuff.    The couch was an incredibly lucky Salvation Army find - $15, in great shape and no stink.

This is the view you get when you walk in the front - straight onto the north wall.
The table was a garage sale find.  It used to be a hideous baby poop yellow.   It's happier naked.  Notice that it is cleaned off.   You'll never see it that way again.    The white basket underneath the table is full of natural dye samples that we need to put on cards.  Behind the couch is all the stuff that wouldn't fit in a cabinet or on a shelf.  

Moving clockwise to the right [as opposed to clockwise to the left.   No, your other left] you see the White Yarn Corner.     It has so much yarn in it that it creates it's own gravity.
That's the bathroom door back there.    I love having a bathroom in the studio.   Especially since we only have one in the house. 

Moving on, we have the east wall - dye area.
 Notice the last batch of natural dye samples still hanging over the washer.   Those are the apple twig ones.
 I have two 6 ft tables set up all the time.   It's barely enough surface to hold everything I want to have out.    The black plastic bags are contractor size trash bags that I use to cover the tables when I dye.   I love them.   We use them for trash, too.   When we need a trash bag, we get one from the studio stack.  

This is the dye sink.   Recycled from one of those dudes who sells fixed bikes and lawn mowers out of his garage.   I love guys like that.    The little wood cabinet that fits so nicely under it is a salvage, too.   It came just last year. 

 This is the dye cabinet area.    
The hanging cabinets came from First Saturday salvage place.   The stove came from the side of the road for free.   The brown cabinet came from someone's garage. 

This is the dye cart. 
It sits next to the stove and holds the small glass dye jars, the big stack of dye rags, assorted dye pots and the very important stack of aprons. 

This is the view from the back of the studio, facing the front doors.    I love this view.
The bay tree to the right of the door is one we've had for years.   We got it when it was about 8 inches high.   It's usually decorated when it's inside for the winter.   The bush behind it is a rosemary that I've managed to keep alive for about 5 years now.   A friend gave me a Meyer lemon this year and hopefully it will bear next year.  

I love my studio. 


  1. What a lovely studio...full of creativity! :)
    I almost didn't recognize it. LOL. Creativity just isn't always (ever?) neat. At least not for me!

    I love your writing.

  2. Love. Want one.
    I love how resourcefully you've furnished that place. You've got an eye.

  3. I have serious studio envy now...OMG, that is truly an amazing space! I might be inspired to be more creative if I had that space. :)

  4. A space to create, what a joyful place to be. I love your studio! I love all the space and how it is organized and that it is a separate building all your own. My space is small but mighty. I would find life very sad without it. 'Wish I could come visit.

  5. I would love to come see it Robin! You are amazing and I love reading your blog!


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