Monday, April 25, 2011

Visiting Toad

This is King.  He is a toad. 

He came to visit us from Iona, Idaho.   He is doing some research on different parts of the country for his friend Savannah, who is a 5th grader at Iona Elementary School.  

We think he is adorable.  I especially love his eye patch.  It reminds me of one of my favorite artists - Dale Chihuly, who also has an eye patch.

While King was visiting us he had a chat with Tibby. 

And he spent some time with the chickens.   The chickens were very impressed with him.

He tried to find some tree frogs to hang out with, but they didn't show up. 

King happened to come on a night when we were having Greek food.    He loved the baklava, but wasn't so excited about the bean salad. 

After dinner, he took a little cat nap with Blue.  He needs to rest up because tomorrow he will be on his way to Washington state to visit someone else.  

Bon Voyage, King!


  1. We had very nice visit from King. He is quite the gentleman.

  2. What a riot! I don't mind traveling vicariously myself.

    Your cat is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Teresa - that cat is a character. I accidentally caught a pic of him walking through the creek with the girls. Through! the water.

  4. I've met King too! Nice guy. I dig the eye patch.

  5. Very cute story. My dishes are the same pattern.

  6. LOL! Crazy cat...but oh so fun to be with!

  7. Thanks so much for doing this, Robin! Savannah will be thrilled. She's already seen pictures of King when he sidelined as a pirate for a bit--during which time he lost his eye. Hope she gets to see some of yours; they're great.



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