Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cross Creek Cookery

One of my favorite books is Cross Creek, by Marjori Kinnan Rawlings.   I wrote about it here.

In addition to being a great writer, Miz Rawlings was a fine cook.   She wasn't always a good cook - read the book for the story.  It's a good story.

Anyway, she talks a lot about food in Cross Creek and someone told her to collect the recipes into a cookbook.   She did and published this in 1947:
A friend just gave it to me and I couldn't be happier!    It's an exciting combination of things I can't wait to try...: Grape Juice Ice Cream, p 204;  Corn Souffle, p 55; Aunt Effie's Custard Johnny Cake, p 26....

and things that I find amusing, but completely .... uh.... not-on-my-docket-in-this-lifetime, which include her recipes for turtles and gophers, p 126.

I loved her recipe for Jugged Rabbit, p 109:
"Cut rabbit in pieces.   Place in deep pan and cover with red wine, to which is added one teaspoon whole cloves, one teaspoon allspice, two bay leaves, one teaspoon whole peppercorns.  Let stand in cool place for three days.  Drain.  Roll in salted and peppered flour.  Brown in one-quarter inch butter.  Cover with hot water and simmer until tender.   More hot water may be necessary.  Remove rabbit.  Stir in one tablespoon flour dissolved in four tablespoons cold water for every cup of gravy.  Add one half teaspoon salt, dash of pepper  Pour over rabbit. One rabbit serves four to six. "
We assumed that it's called Jugged Rabbit because of all the wine. I'd have called it Soused Rabbit. And I'm not really excited about the whole 'let stand for three days' bit.   But what do I know?  She was a fabulous cook.   If I ever get hungry enough to get to the rabbits around here [and they get big, feasting on our berries] before Tibby does, I may try it.

Maybe.   It's not exactly what you'd call a priority.   Especially since we don't drink.

If those recipes aren't wild enough for you, then check out White Trash Cooking.  [No, I'm not kidding.]  It's a real cultural experience. 


  1. One of my dear friends in town has the White Trash Cooking book! We have a photo of B when he was a toddler holding this's hilarious!

    We love the taste of rabbit, but I'm not sure we have cheap enough red wine that hubby would want to try this recipe with. ;) Richardson's Feed store close to us sells rabbit meat if you don't catch your own.

  2. Next time I come visit you'll have to make something from the cookbook. Maybe the grape ice cream? Miss you!!


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