Friday, May 20, 2011

Giveaway - Cotton Sparkle Scarf

I got cocky and put all my cold weather clothes away.  It's late May!  It was over 80 degrees for several days in a row.   I got sunburned.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.   This is Indiana!  It's been 50 degrees for the last three days.  What was I thinking??

The good news is that I left all the boxes with my winter clothes in a giant pile outside the closet.   It's an irritating pile, but at least my sweats were easy to get to again.  

Also, Eric found a cute purple zippy hooded sweatshirt jacket with stripes inside the hood - on sale! while he was at Walmart grocery shopping [How cool is that?!] - and I've had a chance to wear that around.  A lot.  

Anyway, I'm having a 'Hope springeth eternal' moment.    Someday it is going to get warm and stay that way for a few months.   It's time to celebrate summer clothes.

And accessories.    So, I'm having a giveaway!

 To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, I'm giving away a hand-dyed, handwoven, summer weight scarf. 

The winner gets to choose the color.   I have these colors [L-R in the photo, left]:  Deep Blues, June, Old Brass, Sunset, Blue Vineyard, Fiesta, Olive.  Not shown:  Pink.
The scarf is 72 inches long [not including a couple of inches of fringe at each end], 6 inches wide.    The warp is a fine cotton boucle with a good drape that will continue to soften over time.   I wove these with a fine sparkle weft and the finished scarf is gauzy - you can see through it. 

If you don't win, but would like to buy one, they are $57 each plus $2 shipping.   Email me - address below.

1.  Please follow the blog.  [Look down on the right side of the blog - below the Other Cool Sites list.]
2.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite warm weather activity.
3.  One comment per person, please.

The giveaway closes at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning.   I'll post the winner sometime on Monday.   The winner should email me [robin at morenna dot com] with a mailing address and color choice and I'll get it right out.

Good luck!


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  2. Lovely scarves robin! I like to recline outside and read in nice weather.

  3. Sharing a meal outside with friends and family. Languishing after the meal (until the mosquitos win) with good conversation. It's all good.

  4. My favorite warm weather activity is camping - all day outside, walks in the woods, outside eating and sleeping under the stars. It doesn't get much better than that.

  5. I love exploring new places with the kids in summer--little random places, like new meadows up the mountain, or the Southridge Farms, which I found a few years ago, or the Young Living Farm, where they grow herbs for essential oils and serve completely home-grown foods in their restaurant. Or a cool boutique with unusual jewelry. and other stuff (my boys sit those visits out)

    Also, I like to sit and read in the shade with a glass of homemade limeade. Don't get to do that very often, but it's heaven when it happens.

    Gorgeous scarves, Robin. Your description is great, and I want to see one in person. One way, or the other. :)

  6. Any activity that involves my kids is my favorite. We love all kinds of outside warm weather things: camping, gardening, canning, swimming, running through the sprinklers.....We just love to have fun. Rob, love your stuff!

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  8. I agree with you completely about the weather here in rural Illiana. Just about the time I think I can't take it any more....we will have the most absolutely beautiful day. Your scarves are so lovely. Since they are lightweight, they are perfect for the crazy seasons here. My favorite warm weather activity is the same as winter....weaving and knitting. Except in the summer I can do both on the deck outside.

  9. Oooo, so pretty! And sparkly! Pick me, pick me!

    I too am ready for some warm weather. I wish I had a more creative answer for this, but honestly my favorite warm-weather activity is to lie on the grass and read a book. Best way to spend an afternoon :)

  10. I like walking through wooded areas and investigating new places, wooded areas as they aren't as sunny so less likely to get sunburned and suffer from heat stroke..but still love warm weather over cold..and WONDERFUL scarves :)

  11. We love to camp! Especially when the weather is just like it is now, warm in the daytime, a bit crisp in the nighttime! Our family of six LOVES rural Indiana and camping!!

    Camping of course means hikes, walks along the lake, exploring, biking, and now, kayaking since my husband received one on his birthday. :)

  12. OK, let's try this again - now that I've read the instructions.

    I to experience the renewal of life. Coming from the dead of winter, to the vibrant green, the birds arriving with the concert of song. The flowers pop up and just make me smile....and I love to be right in the midst of it all, either in my back yard or while comping.

  13. Walking in the mornings with flowers dressed in bright colors, a symphony of song birds, a new morning blue sky and spring green trees.

  14. Just watched the interview. You were amazing! I agree with your analogy of music and color talent. Your colors are so exciting, I would have such a difficult time choosing something because I'd want a sample of all.

    When I made my comments on my favorite warm weather activity, I didn't realize the time difference. Duh.

    Hope the tornadoes stay far away from your home.

  15. Pat and Gina, check out the winner page - you both won! [Pat, I took the time difference into account. I know you're on the west coast]

  16. I'm so sorry I found this too late to enter! I love your yarns! I found you at the Greencastle festival and purchased a couple of cottons. ( I think I'm in your video!) I hope to see you in Franklin. I'm exploring dyeing yarns and would be interested in class info!

  17. Hi Linda -
    We'll have another giveaway soon! See you in Franklin!


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