Monday, May 9, 2011

Name that Critter

Actually this isn't a critter; it's a critter's egg sac.  While mowing this weekend on the first day of sunshine in six years, I found one.  It is not inhabited.  I think.   Anyway, it's back outside now, just in case.

This is the back:

and this is the bottom:
I love finding these!   They remind me of golden crispy sprayfoam and are unmistakable.  Nothing else looks like them. 

So, can you guess what hatches out of this?

Answer below the fold....

It's a praying mantis.  Specifically, it's a mantis religiosa.    Here's the adult:

photo:  wikipedia

We love having them around.   They're useful for keeping the gypsy moths down.   Plus, they're really exotic and weird looking.     We love exotic and weird bugs.


  1. I just found out recently that there are many varieties of mantid in North America, but only one is a "praying" mantis. :) I've never seen their egg sacs on our property, but maybe it's because I don't look for them and also am oblivious.

  2. I know we get more than one type here - the Chinese mantids are my favorites. They're huge!


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