Friday, June 3, 2011

Giveaway - Wool Rug Yarn

This weekend's giveaway is a trio of hand dyed wool rug yarns.   Supremely suitable for weaving or hooking.

Not that kind of hooking.   This kind of hooking.

Each skein is 8 oz of heavy worsted rug wool.   Suitable for...well....rugs.      This stuff is not cuddly and cozy.  It's rough and tough.   It'll probably last for decades on your floor.    The winner gets all three skeins. 

To enter, leave a comment on this post.   If you want something to comment about, then tell me what color the rugs in your house are.

Giveaway ends at midnight Sunday night,  June 5, 2011.   I'll post the winner sometime on Monday.  

Good luck!


  1. "Not that kind of hooking. This kind of hooking."
    Haaa hahaha!

    Wish I knew how to do this kind of hooking.
    Not interested in the other kind. for the record.

  2. Is this the year that you, yourself make? So freaking cool!

  3. Hi Russo - this is not yarn that I spun, but I did do the dyeing. Pretty, huh!

  4. Oooh, thanks for the great idea on what to do with this scratchy heavy gray yarn I bought years ago! It's not nearly as beautiful as the ones you're giving away, of course. Hmm, maybe if I won these, I can combine them with the gray one and make a more colorful rug! ;)

  5. Love the comment..not that kind of
    I love these colors and they would make a great rug, so bright. The only rug I have is a dark rug in the kitchen. I love how you have taught me so much about the different textures and uses of different yarns. I knew there were different kinds but never really knew they had specific uses. Thank you for the continued knowledge :)

  6. The colors are beautiful! Would love to learn how to weave. Enjoy reading your post.

  7. Would love to win these, they look awesome.

    Hmm, can't comment without blogger account. My email is

  8. Just found you yesterday at the Hoosier Hills Fiberfest in Franklin, Indiana. Also bought some of your yummy yarns:-). I come from a family of "hookers"-7 in all, I would love to share the give away with them.
    Yesterday was wonderful. Hope you and your family had a positive (ice cream
    :-0 ) experience! Thanks.


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