Saturday, June 18, 2011

New yarn

I've been busy in the studio dyeing this week and now that things are getting done, I thought you might enjoy a preview of a new yarn for this fall - Fizz!   It will make its official debut at the Michigan Fiber Fest in August. 

It's a nylon chenille.  150 yds in a skein [before dyeing].  Here's a close up.

I'll be working it up into a sample of something soon.


  1. Wow! Are they really as shiny as the photos make them look? I love me some sparkly yarn!

  2. Hi Teresa! Yep, that yarn is just that sparkly - I'm glad it came through in the pic. The yarn's made of clear glossy nylon in a chenille - weird, but really pretty. I'm trying to decide what it wants to be....


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