Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Trip - Michigan

I was born in Michigan.    Yep, in Benton Harbor, which is right on Lake Michigan near St. Joseph.

Even though I've lived in Indiana the vast majority of my life, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Michigan.

I heart Michigan!

It's a 5 or so hour trip from here to where we stayed with my sister on one of the myriad of tiny lakes that dot Michigan.  

Here are the highlights of our drive.   It was Pure Michigan.  

Which every other billboard reminded us, the closer we got to the state line.  

I love the giant old northern barns.    beautiful old dairy barns.

Look at the size of that!

I also love all the little lakes. 

And now a Cliff Clavin moment:  It's a little known fact that wherever you are in Michigan, you are within 6 miles of a lake.     

Just so you know. 

We crossed the St. Joseph River, which meanders down into Indiana and then back up to empty out into Lake Michigan.  

On the southern bend of the river, there's a lovely city called.....South Bend.    I did most of my growing up there.   It's a beautiful place.

Mostly what I love looking at as we go further north is this....

Black dirt. 

Black dirt is magic.   It's full of good stuff.  Combine that with all the sand in the Great Lakes region and you've got fabulous soil.

We don't have black dirt.   We have orange clay.

If I'd had room, I'd have brought a truckload back with me.  Totally.   

But the most interesting thing we saw on our drive was when we stopped to check out the car, which was making a bad noise [turned out to be stuck in 4wd - it fixed itself at 65 mph]. 

While I was checking the tires and under the car, K2 snapped this pic.

What do you suppose he was planning on doing up there?


  1. I wish we had one of those old dairy barns! I agree: MI is a gorgeous state. :) Did you guys yell "don't jump!" to that fellow? LOL!

  2. Oh MAN, you make me miss the midwest. LOVE the big ol' barns. Thanks for sharing. Made me realize I need to come back some day. Lovely pics. I'm glad you were able to take this trip.

    And with all the driving I used to do out there for work, I can't believe I never got up to South Bend!

  3. I love those big barns. I want one. If I had one that big I'd have a still room. And a root cellar ['cause they're often built into a hill or with a hill built up to the big door...]. And I'd have a concrete, mouse and snake proof feed room. I have a place to park the mowers. I'd buy a tractor with a bush hog and I'd put it in the barn when I was done doing battle with the Mighty Blackberries and Locust Trees of Death.


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