Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's that plant?

This is common around here, but as you can see, it is un-commonly beautiful in the early morning dew.  

Photo:  K1
The truth is we don't know what kind of grass this was.

And just to emphasize our ignorance on grasses, here's another one I can't identify.

photo: K1
Help us out.  What are they?


  1. We don't know what these are, but both hubby and son #1 independently said that the second one looks like some sort of wetland plant.

  2. the top photo looks like roundseed panicgrass, but i don't know the bottom one.

  3. I looked at Matt's weed book and the second one looks like Water Hemlock..which if it BAD..says it is the MOST TOXIC PLANT in North America. So look that up online and see if the leaves and all match.

  4. Thanks for the tips, folks! I agree that the first is probably panicgrass and the second is definitely a wetland plant, but it's not water hemlock, which I can recognize on sight. This one is much shorter and has leaves a lot like crab grass.

    BTW - been weeding crab grass today. I hate crab grass. Really, really, really hate it. It has roots to China and some plants were so happy, they were as big as the daylilies next to them.


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