Friday, June 10, 2011

Wild Pink Honeysuckle

I love honeysuckle.   

Seriously love honeysuckle.  

If I were a bee, I'd hang out only there and make exclusively honeysuckle honey.   

I'd throw honeysuckle parties.  

I'd build a summer home right in this vine.    Or maybe a hotel.    And I'd charge premium rates for the best rooms, right under these flowers where the dew drips off in the morning.   

Yes, I would.

Perhaps you've noticed in the photos that we have an unusual sport of honeysuckle growing on our place.   It has red stems and dark pink buds.   The new blooms are white and the old ones go yellow, just like the regular honeysuckle, but the rest of the plant is deliciously pink.   

K2 loves it.  And so does K1.  She took these pics.

And I love it.   Especially at the end of the day, when the sun starts to lean way over in the sky and the smell of honeysuckle fills the air.   

And some day, I'm going to sit down and fill a vase full of it and paint pictures of it. 

But not today, because today I'm going to sit down outside and close my eyes and pretend I'm a bee.


  1. We'd like to get rid of all the invasive honeysuckle and grow some native ones...but that'll probably never happen. :} They do smell nice though.


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