Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We have water here.   There are two creeks that run all year, one that runs most of the time and a couple of run off creeks.   It's lovely.  We have a lot of frogs and turtles and a lot of bugs.    Dragonflies are our favorites.

Here's a dragonfly gallery for you.    We don't know much about these guys and have been too lazy to look them up, so if you can identify them, let us know.

These dark ones with the single white spot on every wing are beautiful.

Then we get the gigantic ones with clear wings and fat gray bodies.
And we get the iridescent ones.   Green...
 and blue.

From the bottom, they look purple, but it's hard to get a pic of that.  They change color as they fly.

All photos K1, who has the patience of a saint.


  1. K1 has a true talent for taking photos! What a truly beautiful group of dragonfly photos. I am not sure I have ever seen one sitting down on something, let alone have the patience to wait to take a photo. Congratulations and continue taking the truly remarkable photos..I LOVE them!!

  2. We called the small ones Darning Needles. When I was in grade school living in Murray, Utah we had a small stream within walking distance from our home and got to see many different colors of Darning Needles. The blue ones were some of my favorite. The pictures are amazing. May I copy them for drawing?

  3. Hi Pat! K1 says it's fine to draw from these. Have fun!


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