Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Blue

Yeah, OK.   It's not blue.

It is big.  Big and scary.

Meet my 22 quart Mirro pressure canner.   It's a miracle. 

It's been sitting on my dining room floor for months.    Waiting for me to have the courage to figure out how to use it.  I have wanted one for ages and then inherited this one from someone who was moving.   [Thank you!!]   I got a new gasket and jiggler for it.  Now I just have to figure out how to can with it.

I've done boiling water bath [BWB] canning before.     I've done steamer canning before.

I've never done pressure canning before.   Rumor has it that they can explode.

We're not thrilled about that.

But the thing is that if I learn how to use this, we can actually can chicken stock safely.    This is a big deal.   If we have an extended power outage and our freezer goes, we'll lose all of the food that we can't bottle safely, namely Meat.

It would be good if I could put up meat.  So, I'm motivated to learn how to use this.    Maybe this week....

Or next week....


  1. Omigosh. Those things scare the shortcake out of me. You use it and tell me how it goes. I think it would be fabulous. If YOU use it.

  2. Janiel - Heh. I know just how you feel.


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