Friday, September 2, 2011

4th St. Festival of the Arts and Crafts

This Saturday and Sunday is the 4th St. Festival of the Arts and Crafts in downtown, Bloomington, Indiana, on 4th Street between Indiana and Lincoln St.   

Great art, great music, great restaurants along the way.   

Hours:   Saturday 10-6;  Sunday 10-5

I'll be there, so come say, 'Hi', and check out some of my hand dyed, handwoven scarves.    The ones in the pics are brand spanking new, just for you.

I'll also have hand dyed, handwoven silk scarves and some little dyed silks.   Soap sets are special order at this fair - you won't see them on the shelves, but you can order ahead of time and pick them up there if you'd like.   Email me at robin at morenna dot com. 

1 comment:

  1. If it hadn't been so darned hot on Sat, I might have convinced hubby to go...but we just stayed home and avoided the heat and crowds. Hope you did well in sales and survived the heat!


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