Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Color

WARNING:   This post contains graphic photos of fall.    Beautiful foliage, interesting tree structures, bean fields ready to harvest, the whole autumnal nine yards.     So to speak.  
It's easy to get carried away posting pics of gorgeous fall colors.   And I did.   Get carried away that is. 
That's my excuse for getting carried away posting yet more pics of gorgeous fall colors.  That it's easy.  [In case you forgot what I was talking about]
 Plus, my sister in Philly said, 'Rob, post more pics of gorgeous fall colors!'  As I am ever eager to please her, I complied with her wish.  

 Fall is pretty in morning...
And in the evening....
Farm structures that look pretty grey and boring usually, look fabulous in the fall.

 Even gates are glamorous.
 Train tracks through the woods look great this time of year.
And our lane looks like the entrance to a palace.    Surely this road leads somewhere magical.  

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I miss Fall in central IN!!!! Your last picture reminded me of when Brandon and I first drove out to your house. We we turned on to the lane and drove through the tunnel of trees we through the same thing... "Surely this road leads somewhere magical." It's like something out of a dream. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty.


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