Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Dogwoods

Dogwoods are beautiful in October.

Really.    You can't beat that color.


 Our dogwoods turn red.   It's a glorious color against the sky.

Dogwoods have an active autumn life.   They're very busy getting ready for next year - moreso than you see on a lot of other trees.

Dogwoods set fruit.   It's beautiful scarlet fruit, in clusters where there were flowers this year.   The fruit is full of lipids and is very nutritious.  Birds love it and strip the trees pretty quickly so a lot of people never realize that dogwoods bear fruit. 

The real surprise is that dogwoods set flower buds in the fall.   Look for them!

They're little balls at the tips of the smallest branches.   You can tell how many flowers your dogwood will have next year, right now.

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