Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mystery Bird

This looks exactly like a Canada goose as you're walking down the road.    Only, geese don't roost like that on top of hay bales.  

I was confused.  

My eyes [middle aged, not so good anymore eyes] were convinced that it was a goose.  

I kept waiting for it to spook as we got closer, but it didn't even move -- yet another clue that it wasn't really a goose. 

I'll let you guess what it really was.


  1. A tractor on the other side of the hay bales?

  2. It's definitely a pipe of some sort...that's the kind of sighting error I'd make too. LOL! Oh we of the middle-aged eyes... ;)

  3. Oh come on, that's totally a Dalek!

  4. Looks like the elusive Midwest Snipe to me.


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