Thursday, December 15, 2011


Since our property is covered with multiflora roses, in the fall we get loads of rosehips.   They're beautiful and the only thing that keeps me from spraying every rose bush that I find.

They're pretty in bunches, in a vase.    And the birds love them.    Wait until you see them with snow!


  1. Yeah, we don't cut them all down because the birds do like, I think they're native, aren't they?

  2. Isn't there, like, rosehip jam or tea that you can make with these things? And by "you" I mean YOU.

  3. Hi Teresa - I heard a rumor that multifloras had been seeded all over the Midwest by some misguided conservationists during the 70s. I don't know if they were native to begin with. It's a good thing they're so pretty, because they're real pests.

  4. Janiel - Rosehip jam is really good for you - full of vitamins, etc. I tried making rosehip jam with our rosehips once. It didn't work out. They're really too small. I think that in places like Denmark where rosehip jam is common, they're using rosehips from rugosa roses, which have much larger rosehips.

    Our rosehips are little - smaller than peas. Big ones are the size of the end of your thumb to the first knuckle, so they have a much bigger fruit to skin ratio.


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