Monday, January 16, 2012


Bob.  King of the coop

Bob is our rooster.   He's the only one we have.  

One rooster is good.

We used to have more, but if you have more than one rooster, then they fight.  A lot.  And they're always competing for the ladies and that's hard on the ladies.   Also, two roosters are way louder than one rooster because they're always trying to out-crow each other.   [They do that with the lawn mower, too.]

Bob with the ladies


  1. Aww, look at all those fluffy butts! This post made me smile. Bob? really? Love to hear how he got that name! It's so, well, undignified, somehow. :-)

  2. He got his name the first time he molted. He lost all of his tail feathers and the girls started calling him the bob-tailed chicken. Bob. It stuck.

  3. Bob would make a good colorway (orangey rust, dark blue/teal, and ecru..perhaps a bit of black thrown in here and there...nummies) ....or dinner depending on his vocal habits.

  4. We currently have 4 roosters, but 3 of them will :} So far though, luckily, they have gotten along very well. 2 are 1 month older than the other 2. And they rarely crow.


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