Saturday, January 14, 2012

More ducks

The ducks don't get a lot of attention on the blog - not because I don't love them, but because they love K2 a lot more than they love me.   When I get close, they take off the other direction.    It makes for difficult photo shooting.   

The other evening after we were done putting in the new strawberry beds, the girls spent some time rounding up the ducks for the night and doing a good physical check of them all.   This means each duck had be caught and snuggled a bit and checked over.   It keeps the ducks a bit tame and lets us get a good look at them periodically.   It isn't a big issue in the winter, but in the summer, when it's easy for them to get fly strike, it's imperative that we are able to catch them, hold them, hose them off and spray the meds on.   Remember when we did that with Trixie last year?

Trixie is fine now. 

See?  Here she is with K2.

No lasting damage at all.   And she loves K2 even more now.

[K2 is wearing work clothes.  She just spent the afternoon hauling gravel and sand, and burning the cardboard pile.  Notice the TARDIS blue fingernails.]

This is Jim.   He's Trixie's boyfriend.   [Yes, it's from the books.]   He's a big feisty drake and protested being held.  The good news was that he flapped around so much it was easy to check under his wings.    He does a great job protecting his ladies. 

This beautiful duck [the same one at the top of the post] is Prince Edward.  His poof is gorgeous even though it's usually falling off to one side. 

 We have 5 other ducks, including a hermaphroditic one.   I"ll try to get pics of her soon.


  1. They look so sweet! But I'd still be afraid they'd peck my eyes out. I know they are not geese, but I'm still traumatized by my encounters with Sue Greer's attack geese. They look too similar...

  2. I'd forgotten the attack geese! We had geese once. I loved them. One tried to eat a freckle off my arm one day and after that I didn't encourage them to get so friendly anymore.

  3. These are great pics! Prince Edward's little pill-box pouf is fabu.

  4. Yes, I do have duck envy. :} One day, one day...

    (And yes, I am catching up on blog-reading since it's the one day this week I'm at the library and can use their internet. I don't know if you saw, but our satellite internet provider cut our speed down, to about dial-up now sucks to try and read blogs at home).


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